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Shabbat Services
Friday - 7:00 PM
Saturday - 9:30 AM
Shabbat Services are led either by Rabbi Larry Moldo or by lay leaders.

Photos Courtesy of Louis Davidson, Synagogues360.org

Coming Up

Tuesday, November 24 - 5:30 PM - Practice Reading Hebrew - Andrea Moldo.  You know what the vowels and letters look like, but you’re not sure you are ready to begin grammar studies. This class offers an opportunity to practice putting together what you see. 

Wednesday, November 25 - 12 Noon - Hebrew Once Again.   Want extra practice? Maybe you can’t make it on Tuesday nights? Andrea's class happens again now!

Wednesday, November 25 - 1 PM - Jewish Content - Rabbi Larry Moldo.   We’ll see who shows up and what they want to learn!

Friday, November 27 - 7 PM - Shabbat Service followed by Oneg sponsored by the Sisterhood.

Saturday, November 28 - 9:30 AM - Shabbat Services and Torah Study followed by Oneg sponsored by the Sisterhood.

Sunday, November 29 - 10 AM to 4 PM - See's Candy Sale opens and Gift Shop Open House.  Most items in the Gift Shop will be 30% off!

Sunday, November 29 - 1 to 3 PM -  Jewish & Israeli dancing. For more information, please contact Mary Weinstein.

Sunday, November 29 - 7 PM - Movie Night!!  We'll be showing the original version of The Producers, starring Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder.

Monday, November 30 - 10 AM to 4 PM - See's Candy Sale

Tuesday, December 1 - 10 AM to 4 PM - See's Candy Sale

Tuesday, December 1 - 5:30 PM - Practice Reading Hebrew - Andrea Moldo.  You know what the vowels and letters look like, but you’re not sure you are ready to begin grammar studies. This class offers an opportunity to practice putting together what you see. 

Wednesday, December 210 AM to 4 PM - See's Candy Sale

Wednesday, December 2 - 12 Noon - Hebrew Once Again.   Want extra practice? Maybe you can’t make it on Tuesday nights? Andrea's class happens again now!

Wednesday, December 2 - 1 PM - Jewish Content - Rabbi Larry Moldo.   We’ll see who shows up and what they want to learn!

Thursday, December 3 - 10 AM to 4 PM - See's Candy Sale

Thursday, December 3 -12 noon - Torah Thursday. Cycling through the entire content of the first five books of TaNaKH with a detour through Jeremiah, and with a focus on Jewish commentary, both traditional and modern. Brown Bag Lunch.

Friday, December 4 - 7 PM - Shabbat Service led by Rabbi Moldo followed by Oneg sponsored by the Sisterhood.

Saturday, December 5 - 9:30 AM - Shabbat Services and Torah Study led by Rabbi Moldo followed by Oneg sponsored by the Sisterhood.

Sunday, December 6 - 10 AM to 12 Noon - Congregational Annual Meeting. Please join us for brunch at 10 AM followed by the Annual Meeting. 

Sunday, December 6 - 10 AM to 4 PM - See's Candy Sale.

Sunday, December 6 - 1 to 3 PM -  Jewish & Israeli dancing. For more information, please contact Mary Weinstein.


Sunday,  December 13 - 5 PM - Chanukah Party.  Details to follow.

Thursday, December 24 - Christmas Eve Dinner at Twin Dragon Chinese Restaurant. Details to follow.


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3              Jared Miller
4              Julie Breen
7              Ya’el McLoud
10           Roslyne Kaufman
11           Alan Wolf
14           Ruth Langley
25           Therese McKinnon
25           Stephanie Ehrlich
26           James Peebles
27           Phyllis Bloomberg
27           Nolan Rap
29           Lila Gallensky




Weekly Message from our Board President

November 23, 2015

They’re here!  The social hall of the Synagogue is filled with boxes and boxes of See’s candy.  Tables are already set up, ready for the boxes to be unpacked and the candy sorted into the various flavors. Mt. Sinai Synagogue has always been a sweet place, but today it got a little sweeter.

The See’s Candy Sale kicks off this Sunday, November 29, at 10 AM.  The Gift Shop will also be open, and many items will be marked 30% off.  With Hanukah just a week away, now is the time to stock up.  The Gift Shop has a lot of fun menorahs, too, just in time for our Hanukah party on Sunday, December 13.  And should we mention a lot of our non-Jewish friends will be coming to the Synagogue for See’s Candy?  A box or six would make an excellent Christmas gift.

The Synagogue has a very large menorah that usually was on display at the State Capitol during Hanukah.  However, because the Capitol is being renovated, the menorah has been set up at the Governor’s official residence at the north end of Central Avenue.

Our Chabad friends from Jackson come to Cheyenne every year for a Hanukah celebration in the Capitol building.  That celebration has also been moved to the Governor’s official residence.  It will take place on Monday, December 7, from noon to 1 PM.  Because space is limited, they ask that you RSVP to info@JewishWyoming.com.  Rabbi Zalman Mendelsohn will be leading the service.  There will be a candle lighting ceremony followed by refreshments.  Based on past years, the refreshments will be excellent, with latkes and other traditional foods being served.  The event is free, but they want to know ahead of time how many people are coming, so please RSVP.

Would you like to lead services?  Ever wonder what was involved?  How much English can you use, and how much Hebrew?  The Rabbi is recruiting people who would like to learn how to conduct services, and maybe even take a turn or two.  Please contact him if you’d like to give it a try!

Back in 1967, Mel Brooks scored a major hit with his movie The Producers.  Brooks wrote and directed the film, which stars Zero Mostel and a young Gene Wilder.  Mostel plays a down on his luck Broadway producer who comes up with a fool proof plan… put on a Broadway show that is a guaranteed flop, and walk away with all of the money invested in the show.  We won’t spoil the film in case you haven’t seen it, but the plan doesn't work out the way he expected.  Brooks later remade the movie into a very successful Broadway show, and then took the revival and made that into a second movie.  But this one is the original.  We’ll be showing it as our next movie night, this coming Sunday, November 29, starting at 7 PM.  It’s a very funny comedy, and a great way to finish off the Thanksgiving weekend.

Did you know about the Almoners Fund?  It’s a very small fund managed by Marv Wolf through his store.  If someone comes into Marv’s store who is down on his luck, Marv will give him $5 or maybe $10 to get a meal, or get some help to buy a bus ticket.  Marv has been managing the fund for about 30 years.  Some of our older members have been replenishing the fund from time to time.  If you’d like to help, please contact Marv or send a check to the Synagogue office.  By the way, the name Almoners Fund comes from the old saying “alms for the poor”.

Last week, the Board of Directors rolled up its sleeves and went to work on the Synagogue Budget for next year.  Pencils were sharpened, cuts were made, and after a lot of effort, the budget was balanced.  We are ready to go for 2016.  We will be presenting the budget to the full congregation at our annual congregation meeting on Sunday, December 6.  The meeting starts with a brunch at 10 AM, followed by the meeting at 11.  We’ll also be electing new board members to serve during 2016.

We have more information on two upcoming events.  The Board of Directors has decided to hold our Christmas Eve dinner at the Twin Dragon Chinese Restaurant on Carey Avenue.  It will be, um, on Christmas Eve.

And we set a date for the Yiddish Food Festival.  The Festival will take place on Sunday, May 15, 2016, and no, it’s not too early to start rounding up volunteers.

Here’s our Yiddish Phrase of the Week!

Ain sheitel holts macht nit varem dem oiven.
A single log doesn’t warm the fireplace.

Shalom and Happy Thanksgiving!

Dave Lerner
Mt. Sinai Board of Directors

Torah Tidbits from Rabbi Larry Moldo

The concept behind Thanksgiving is easy. Life is sometimes unexpectedly not as difficult as it is most of the rest of the time, and usually this is due to help. Help from others, help from God, or help from the surrounding environment. When you are helped, you say Thank You. In expanded practice it is a trifle more difficult, depending upon your personal situation.

You find something, that isn't on the table in front of you, to which gratitude is owed. Then you express that gratitude. And you eat. It is a typical Jewish holiday format which wasn't begun, per se, by Jews. We find something in our own situation which reflects the holiday setting we might be in, and we express that. Then we eat. Usually.

This focus on gratitude is reflected in one of Uzi Hitman's songs we reviewed at the Adult Education session a week ago. "todah" - "thanks". We will be adding that song into our Friday night repertoire in a week or so on Rabbi-led Shabbatot, as a bit of gratitude and hope will go a long way in today's world.

Please read through this week's portion - it contains a lot of difficult material, and even contains a segment or two that are not traditionally suitable for public comments. Feel free to send questions you might have to me, and perhaps a private discussion might take the place of public pronouncements.

One of the things we actually pride ourselves on is that our ancestors are always depicted as human beings, complete with flaws. We can be proud of how our ancestors were depicted without being equally proud of the behaviors they are shown to have exhibited. Whitewashing history or personal mythology can lead to delayed acceptance of past behavior, and therefore even further delayed restitution or apologies. Situations and people are complicated enough without bringing incomplete historical resonances into the mix.

On another note: I am personally against punishing underage children for the obnoxiousness of their parents, or the society which has managed to kick them out. I am for making sure they can be healthfully integrated into the society around them, which includes a healthy dose of expressed gratitude. On all sides. I am also personally for being as upset when Israeli, Kenyan or Lebanese civilians are killed as when French civilians are killed. Or any other nationality, for that matter. Genocides are being perpetrated at this very moment, and where we cannot militarily prevent it, we should be striving mightily to protect those people, or at the very least supporting those organizations whose mission is to support those people and educate others about their plight. We are wealthy enough as a whole in this country to help those others and decrease the local numbers of poor and homeless simultaneously. As Mordechai said to Esther, "Who knows if it is for this reason that you are in this position to begin with?"

50 Years of Watkins Stained Glass Windows at Mt. Sinai Synagogue in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Watkins Stained Glass Studio has spent 50 years creating stained glass windows for the Synagogue. The 80 stained glass windows depict the Old Testament as well as the Menorah, Twelve Tribes of Israel, Moses at Mt. Sinai, the Tree of Life and 11 Women of the Hebrew Bible.
Four generations of Watkins men have devoted their lives to stained glass in Denver and the Rocky Mountain area since 1868. We hope you enjoy the 50 years of lovely Watkins Stained Glass Windows. The music is provided by John Waller, who graciously granted permission to use "Bless Us and Keep Us".


Additional Information

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Mt. Sinai Religious School

Welcome to Mt. Sinai Religious School.  [click here for this year’s calendar] This year, under the direction of Rabbi Larry and the Education Committee, there are three component pieces. The first component piece is most like the traditional Sunday School in that it meets on Sundays from 10 to noon, and is geared towards students in Kindergarten through 5th grade. The content covered will depend upon each student’s prior knowledge. The second component piece is Bar/Bat Mitzvah training. This involves weekly sessions with Rabbi Larry and attendance at both Friday night and Saturday morning services. The third component will be for post Bar/Bat Mitzvah age youth, and will be partly designed by the students.

We also offer Adult Education classes on a variety of topics throughout the year. Please click here for our flyer.

If you would like further information, please contact Phyllis Bloomberg or Rabbi Larry. 


Mt. Sinai Movie Nights

All movies are shown at Mt. Sinai at 7 PM on the “big screen” and with surround sound. Refreshments and drinks provided. Come join us for any or all of our upcoming movies.

Mah Jongg

Have fun playing this traditional Jewish game combining luck and skill. Don't know how to play yet? Come and learn with Mt. Sinai member Lila Gallensky and other experienced players. Check the calendar section for specific dates.

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